Get In Shape

Are you ready to put your multi-tasking skills to the test?

In this mini-game, your goal is to survive for a certain amount of time with a few number of rooms active! Each room has its own specific rules and is controlled by a different key on the keyboard. 

Additional Info

Windows download available! 

Added Windows version using OpenGL (WinXP support)

Added MacOs Build & Added Linux Build


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It's nice to see that your little jam entry found a new home on! :) I really enjoyed the minimalistic game design which didn't made it automatically simple to play, to the contrary it was very hard! <3 Congratulations for creating such a neat experience. That's why I wrote a little article about your game and created a playthrough video as well. :) I hope you might enjoy it.

Best wishes,

WebGL has common RAM issues, and the downloadable build is not WinXP compatible. Can you fix it, please?

Added a new build using OpenGL using the information in the link you provided. Hope it helps!

Oh, tnx, but i have the some error message... maybe my hardware is doesn't match the described reqs at the bottom of the page: "Note that in order to have OpenGL support on Windows XP, the system has to have DX10/GL3 class GPU and fairly recent graphics drivers installed (generally drivers from year 2010 or later should work)."

Good to know, thanx for your patience! :)